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AE: Old man kills 3 wolves after long chase

Farmer hunted sheep killers although he is a wildlife activist

By Staff
Published Saturday, November 12, 2011

A 66-year-old Saudi man killed three wolves after a long chase to retaliate for their persistent attacks on his sheep although he is a staunch wildlife activist. He then hanged the three animals on a power pylon as a token of his victory.

Saeed Khozam al Makati said he had waited for nearly a year to hunt the predators for killing scores of his sheep at his farm near the western town of Taif and inflicting heavy losses on him as one sheep is worth up to SR2,000 ($540).

“The other night, Makati decided to chase them and not to come back unless he gets them after they killed some sheep,” the Arabic language daily Sharq said.

“After a long chase, he succeeded in locating the three wolves and killing them…he then hanged the animals on the power pole to celebrate his triumph.”

The paper said Makati is one of the staunchest wildlife activists in the area and that he often calls for banning hunting in the wilderness.

“But Makati made clear that protecting the wildlife is something and exterminating his animal wealth is something else,” it said.