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CA BC: Leaving garbage out for bears could soon lead to $230 fine

By Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun November 15, 2011

Anyone who leaves out garbage, food or compost that could attract bears or other wildlife could face a $230 fine under proposed amendments to the Wildlife Act introduced Monday in the legislature.

Attorney-General Shirley Bond said that the amendment seeks to stop the “mismanagement of attractants” that could invite dangerous wildlife, such as grizzly and black bears, cougars, coyotes, and wolves.

Christine Miller, executive director and education coordinator for the North Shore Black Bear Society, said in response that despite years of public education in neighbourhoods and schools, some people just refuse to act responsibly with their garbage. For those people, fines send the right message.

Miller said conservation officers have killed 12 blacks bears this year in North Vancouver city and district because they had become habituated to humans and posed a threat to people or property.