CA MB: Wolf captured, killed near Birds Hill park

CBC News

A wolf has been captured and killed near Birds Hill Provincial Park.

The animal was caught Thursday night in a trap set out by Manitoba Conservation officials trying to nab the wolf that mauled a dog near the park earlier this month.

Spencer, a chihuahua, miniature-pinscher-cross, was killed April 3. Janelle Carlson told CBC News at the time that her husband let the two-year-old dog out of their rural home, about two kilometers from the edge of the park.

Moments later they heard a terrible screaming noise and Carlson’s husband ran out.

He saw a large wolf shaking Spencer before dragging the dog into the woods. The Carlsons ran into the woods in pursuit and found Spencer’s mauled body.

They described the wolf as being the size of a deer.

The one found Thursday was described as a small wolf, according to CBC News reporter Sean Kavanagh.

It was shot, along with a skunk — an unintended victim of the traps.

Residents near Birds Hill are concerned about the province using the steel legtraps.

“Well my first reaction was absolute horror. I was outraged by the fact first of all they would be using any traps of this kind anywhere, never mind in Birds Hill Park, but anywhere,” said Geri Sweet, who lives near the park and uses it regularly.

People who spoke to CBC News say there are dozens of trails that lead into the park and they’re not properly signed with warnings.

Park officials had put up signs warning simply of wildlife and some prohibited access.

People are often walking or riding near those traps and there is some concern for safety. It was a group of horse riders that came across the wolf and skunk on Thursday.

Some say the steel traps, illegal in many places, shouldn’t be used at all — that the wolves should be live trapped and then released well away from the park.

Manitoba Conservation says all the traps will be removed.


One thought on “CA MB: Wolf captured, killed near Birds Hill park

  1. Are you kidding me?? This is the Manitoba “Conservations” answer to a wolf doing what wolves are supposed to be doing , catching and eating rabbbit sized animals. A magnificent wild creature has to lose it’s life because it can’t tell the difference between the animals it needs to catch and eat to survive and someone’s unleashed little dog? I’m sorry that someone’s pet dies but I’m even more sorry that wolf lost it’s life because yet another self entitled person doesn’t think the rules apply to them. They were breaking the law by not keeping their dog on a leash and when you break the law there are consequences. What Manitoba Conservation should have said was, “I’m sorry for your loss but you were in violation of the leash law and your dog was running lose in an area that supports wildlife. Wolves cannot tell the difference between your unleashed dog and the wild animals they hunt and eat to survive. Had you had your dog on a leash as the law requires this unfortunate incident would not have taken place” Manitoba Conservations job should be to conserve and protect the rights of the wildlife especially in situations such as this when the only one’s truly at fault were the humans that allowed their dogs to be off leash.