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CA: New wolf pup spotted in Lassen Pack


Earlier this summer, state biologists announced that a pair of wolves in Lassen County had three pups.

Turns out, they missed one.

Last week, Stafford Lehr of the Department of Fish and Wildlife told a state board that a fourth pup has since showed up on motion activated trail cameras that monitor the pack.

In June, the pups’ mother was captured in a leg-hold trap and fitted with a tracking collar that allows biologists to track her movements. The state’s veterinarian discovered the 75-pound female recently had pups.

The so-called Lassen Pack is the second known family of wolves found in Northern California in 90 years, following the discovery of the Shasta Pack in 2015. Of special significance is that the father of the Lassen Pack pups is the son of OR7, the lone wolf who became an international media sensation when he crossed from Oregon into Northern California in 2011 and wandered for years before returning to Oregon. OR7 was the first wolf seen in California in decades.