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CA NL: Hunters Encouraged To Report Unusual Canid Encounters

Hunters are being encouraged to notify Forestry and Wildlife officials of unusual canids they may trap or shoot.

A coyote harvest that’s been underway for a number of years has resulted in four confirmed Labrador Grey Wolves since 2008, and 11 confirmed eastern-coyote and grey wolf hybrids since 2013.

The provincial director of wildlife, John Blake, says they’re encouraging anyone who incidentally captures or kills any unusual, or larger than expected coyote, to submit the carcass to officials for samples and testing.

He says they’d like to have a sample or be made aware of anything over 16-17 kg, or approximately 35 pounds.

The grey wolves are believed to have come onto the island over the ice from Labrador, and at some point, coyotes are breeding with grey wolves. Blake says however, that to date they have no proof yet that either hybrids or wolves are actively breeding on the island.