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CA YK: ‘Fairly large’ wolves seen lurking around Old Crow, Yukon

Community lays snares in hopes of killing the animals

CBC News

People in Old Crow, Yukon, have seen wolves lurking around the community, so they’ve laid snares in hope of killing the animals.

“They’re becoming more bold, coming right up to peoples’ houses and caches and visiting the various dog teams in the community,” said Darius Elias, the fish and wildlife manager for the Vuntut Gwichin First Nation.

“They’ve actually got a fairly established trail behind the Chief Zzeh Gittlit school now.”

Elias says over the last week, people in the community have seen three “fairly large” wolves, and find it “perplexing” especially because there are moose on the land nearby that the wolves could be hunting.

According to Elias, some community elders have suggested that maybe the pack has lost its lead dog, causing a “bit of chaos.”

Elias acknowledges that wolves rarely pose a danger to humans, but says the community wants to take precautions.

“Our game guardian … is doing a great job. He’s in and around the community, watching. He’s set some snares out on the land, where their established trails are, so that’s what we’re going to be doing now.”

Elias says some residents are also concerned because wolves have been known to kill sled dogs in the community previously. A lead dog can cost up to $2,500, Elias says.

“This has happened before, where wolves have decided to feed on the local dog teams.”