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CN: Mom wolf lets man crawl in her den, play with pups

Source:Global Times 

A wildlife photographer in North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has developed such an attachment to a wolf that she lets him crawl into her den and play with her pups.

A video shot by Zheng Silin, a photographer living in Chifeng, shows him crawling into a cave and handling three pups and then snuggling with the mother, who he says he befriended when she was a pup, according to a report posted by Pear Video.

“I often climb into this cave to take care of her and her pups,” Zheng said.

The mom wolf didn’t accept Zheng at first, but when he showed kindness she agreed to let him into her den.

As the female wolf lies next to Zheng, her pups that appear to be just over a month old, crawl around them.

In the video, Zheng says he has even taken the pups out of the den to feed them from a bottle. 

“When I’m in the den, the wolf won’t let other wolves come in,” Zheng said. “If they dare try to come, she will bite them, but she trusts me with her babies and will even leave to find food.”

Some netizens commented  that they also want to keep a wolf after watching the video.