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CO: Volunteers work together to save wolves in Colorado

Written By Rachael Wardwell

Volunteers including members of the Air Force braved the cold this weekend to help build habitats for rescued wolves.

The WildHeart Foundation, a local non profit works to improve the quality of life for animals living in zoos and sanctuaries. The organization is based out of Colorado Springs but does work for wildlife all around the world.

In working to fulfill their mission habitats are being built at the ‘Song of the Wolf Healing Center,’ a wolf sanctuary in Bailey. Members of the Air Force came out to do their part in helping save the wolfdog rescues.

According to release, the wolves were recently rescued from New Mexico and brought to the sanctuary as their new home. However the sanctuary is not only a wolf rescue, it serves as a place of therapy for patients struggling with addiction.

The Co-Founder of the Sanctuary says because of the work of all the volunteers, they are able to save more animals. As it’s mission is to heal the human-animal bond through animal therapy and different workshops.

“The new enclosure is going to allow us to save more animals, it’s going to allow us to… that’s it save more animals. make sure that we are taking care of them one hundred percent and it’s going to bring more people here thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you,” said the Co-Founder.

A total of seven enclosures are expected to be built to house wolves in need of rescue, as this is an ongoing project.

To find out how to volunteer for the WildHeart Foundation, visit:

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