During my years as a wolf biologist, and even while educating people about wolves, the most often asked question I hear is: “what can I do to get involved with wolves?”

cast There are simply very few opportunities to accompany biologist as they study and monitor wolves. The Department of Natural Resources, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and others don’t have the facilities, the equipment (buses, airplanes, etc.) and professional time to handle all of these requests.

So where does that leave you? One way you can experience what it is like to accompany biologists is by attending wolf field biology workshops and seminars. Some are sponsored by TWIN through the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Treehaven Field Station near Tomahawk, WI. The International Wolf Center sponsors these events as well. If that satisfies your needs fine.

There is a difference, however, between fulfilling some need you have, and fulfilling a commitment. For those of you who feel compelled to do something to benefit wolves and wolf conservation, the very best thing you can do is offer your services to TWIN (or similar organizations). In other words, GET INVOLVED!!

At this point I usually get resistance which sounds something like this... “what can I do, I’m only a (secretary/bus driver/business person)...”

TWIN needs people with only one qualification: a strong desire to contribute some of their spare time to furthering its goal to... “educate the public about the role of wolves and recovery in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest”.

You can not teach you say?

We need someone right now who can help with the management of this homepage. That doesn’t have much to do with teaching in the traditional sense, but it is a vehicle of education. How about… (1) helping us stuff envelopes, (2) take a whack at being a board member, (3) designing and developing power point shows, brochures, display boards or other noteworthy items? Can you set up and take down audio-visual equipment or serve as a “tracker” at our workshops, write grants, or know people who might contribute “in kind” goods or services? (printing services/copy machine/computer, etc.?) pup Volunteers are TWIN.

TWIN has been serving a public need for over 10 years. Most of its small cadre of volunteers have been burning the candle at both ends for that entire time. They have done their share.

This past year TWIN came to a crossroads as many of its volunteers sought a “break” from their long-standing commitments by asking for relief. Little was forthcoming. At our most recent Board of Directors meeting, discussion actually focused on terminating TWIN. All who attended agreed to give it one additional year. A year in which to recruit new blood, to add volunteers, and to carry on the fine work of educating the public about the conservation of wolves in the wild spaces of the Upper Great Lakes region.

Pack members pick up when others are fatigued. Its what makes the wolf society strong and enduring. Let some of that wolf family spirit come through. Become an active member!

We need you. We need some of your spare time. If you are interested, attend our board meetings and find out how you can fit in. Drop us a line [or e-mail TWIN at and we’ll make an effort to bring ewe in the fold!

Dick Thiel, Chairmen of TWIN, 2004-05