Appendix G
by Adrian P. Wydeven, Randy L. Jurewicz and Ronald N. Schultz

Twenty-one cases of free-roaming wolf-dog hybrid incidents involving Wisconsin DNR or USDA-WS occurred between July 1989 and 1998 (Figure G1 and Table G1).

Table G1
Free-roaming wolf-dog hybrid incidents/complaints in Wisconsin - July 1989 to December 1998
Date(s) Year Location County No.Sex/Age Problems Outcome
July-Aug 1989 Spooner, Washburn 2A/1Y/7P Killed 10 sheep,
mauled 5 sheep
AM, AF and PM
shot by landowner
August 1991 Stone Lake, Washburn 1AM+1AF Attacked dogs
spilled garbage
Killed by sheriff's deputy
June 1992 Cable, Bayfield AF+2P scavanging garbage pups in APHIS trap
killed by local person
Sept. 1992 Phillips, Price AF close approach to
people and pets
live captured by APHIS
held by DNR cooperator
Feb. 14 1994 Clam Lake, Sawyer AF found shot
started investigation
dog food in stomach
shooter not found
Mar. 1994 Drummond, Bayfield 1AM/2YM frightened people; stole pet food, challenged dogs live capture DNR & APHIS
placed on game farm
Apr. 1995 Brantwood, Price YM visiting farm area
concerned farmer
live capture by DNR
placed on game farm.
May 5 1995 Chippewa Falls, Chippewa AM road kill, started DNR investigation necropsied. carcass to UW-Madison
Aug-Nov 1995 Minong, Washburn Unk. A approached vehicle on road ate scraps Observed for 4 months then disappeared
Feb-Mar 1995 Grantsburg, Burnett 3PF attacked dogs
challenged person
two live captured, taken to Wildlife Sci. Center, MN; 1 shot#256
June 7 1996 Rhinelander, Oneida AF+1P bit child AF shot, tested for rabies, negative; pup given to hybrid owner
May 3 1997 Webb Lake, Burnett 2A/1P threatened people
attacked warden
All 3 shot by DNR warden
May 1997 Danbury, Burnett AM 21 calves lost on farm? wolves? recaptured by owner
Feb 1998 Winter, Sawyer AF bred with dog, close approach to people Shot by DNR biologist.
Apr 20 1998 Monico Oneida AM&AF Attacked German Shepard in back yard Captured by Owner after USDA-WS investigation
Aug 13 1998 Tomahawk Lincoln 3A Attacked black labrador in back yard Attempted capture by DNR/USDA-WS but disappeared
Aug 26 1998 Monico Oneida YF Roadkill - started DNR investigation Necropsied, carcass to UW-Madison
Sept 10 - Nov 3 1998 Beaver Dam Dodge AF Roamed farm area after escape Captured by owner
Oct 8 1998 Tripoli Lincoln AM Possible hybrid, roadkill, started DNR investigation necropsied, carcass to UW-Madison, investigation ongoing
Oct 25 1998 Big Falls Waupaca 2A Attacked black labrador DNR/USDA-WS investigated

These cases involved 44 different animals, including 14 wolf-dog hybrids that were shot, 3 accidentally killed (vehicle collisions), 12 live-captured and placed in captivity, and 9 disappeared or remained in the wild.

Livestock were verified killed/attacked by one group of hybrids in 1989, and possible depredation by a wolf-dog hybrid occurred in 1997. A wolf-dog hybrid was known to be free-roaming on a farm that had 9 calves killed and 21 missing. Although some calves were verified as probably killed by wolves, the presence of the wolf-dog hybrid complicated investigation/verification of losses.

Wolf-dog hybrids challenged or attacked dogs or humans in 8 cases, including 1 case of a hybrid biting a child. In at least two cases, female wolf-dog hybrids apparently bred with dogs, and one produced a pup in captivity.

Although most wolf-dog hybrids did not cause serious problems, the lack of fear of people and their pets posed real concerns. Agency dealings with wolf-dog hybrids consumed time and expense that could have been spent on wolf conservation.

Calls and reports of wolf-like animals initiated investigations by WDNR or USDA-WS and sometime involved lengthy attempts at live-capturing.

Because of concerns for protecting wild wolves, control actions have been applied very carefully. Once wolf populations are more secure, more liberal controls can be applied toward wolf-like animals that lack fear of people and occur in residential and farmland areas.