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  • The New Hampshire Wolf Alliance was founded in 1995 for the purpose of educating the public about wolves and wolf hybrids. In addition to education, they are circulating a petition which calls for a feasibility study looking into wolf recovery here in the state. As of this date, they have approx. 5000 signatures. The NHWA; recently participated in a Northeast Wolf Recovery Strategy meeting, sponsored by RESTORE: The North Woods and the Wildlands Project. One of the issues discussed was drafting legislation for a regional wolf recovery study.

    They are also documenting wolf? sightings. Many have been made by very credible people, who are very familiar with coyotes. And they insist these animals were NOT coyotes. The last wolf killed in the state of New Hampshire was in 1887. There has been one verified wolf killed in Maine in August of 1993. Another very wolf like animal was killed in Maine in October of 1996. Considering the long distances dispersing wolves travel, they believe that they are hear in this state also. The northern border of New Hampshire is about 200 miles south of the southern most territory of the Eastern timber wolf in Quebec.

    Contact Information

    To learn more N.H.W.A. and how you can become involved you can write to N.H.W.A. at P.O. Box 498, Rumney, NH 03266 or E-mail them at