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    Wolf Awareness Inc. is a non-profit charitable foundation, whose primary goal is to foster an awareness and appreciation of wolf ecology and conservation. We achieve our mission through the development and implementation of educational programs and by supporting scientific wolf research. Wolf Awareness Inc. functions as a critical link between scientists and the public, to help people achieve a greater awareness of wolf conservation issues.

    Wilderness preservation and the conservation of wolves are inextricably linked. Areas with thriving wolf populations tend to have intact wilderness. Habitat loss and fragmentation is occurring across Canada. Such land use changes are currently threatening the ability of many areas in Canada to sustain wolf populations. Wilderness preservation requires an understanding of the ecological needs of indicator species such as wolves.

    Wolf Awareness Inc. functions as the umbrella organization of the Central Rockies Wolf Project. WAI provides critical financial and logistical support to this scientific research project. WAI uses the results of scientific research as a knowledge base for educational and public outreach programs.

    Wolf Awareness Inc. has played an active role in influencing public policies pertaining to wolf conservation. Highlights of our achievements include:
  • Influencing the termination of illegal wolf bounties in Ontario

  • Influencing the termination of wolf control in wintering deer habitat in Ontario

  • Helping to establish greater protection for wolves in Algonquin Park, Ontario

  • Playing a key role in revising the Ontario Canid Policy, which included the first and most comprehensive review of wild canid ecology and management in Ontario The Central Rockies Wolf Project has contributed to wolf conservation initiatives by:

  • Providing information to land managers on the structure and dynamics of the Central Rockies wolf population

  • Providing critical information to the Banff National Park Bow Valley Study, on the effects of human disturbance on wolves

  • Providing critical information to the Yellowstone to Yukon Biodiversity Coalition, on wolf movement corridors in the Central Rockies.

  • Fact Sheet on Wolf Populations
    Population estimates are approximate and data are based on 1995 figures.

    Worldwide, the wolf is listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (I.U.C.N.) as a "threatened" species. In Canada, populations run from healthy through to extirpated.

    Canada: Total Population - 58,000

    In Canada, the wolf was extirpated from the Atlantic Provinces by the 1900s, becoming extinct in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick by 1870 and in Newfoundland by 1911. Wolves have been pushed out of the southern portion of Quebec and Ontario. Prairie or "buffalo wolves" became extinct in the 19th century. Urbanization is also pushing this predator out of parts of southern British Columbia. Only 1.2% of the wolf range in Canada is currently protected from hunting and trapping.

    Contact Information

    To learn more about Wolf Awareness Inc., and how you can become involved, you can write to them at Wolf Awareness Inc., G-2 Farms, R.R. #3, Ailsa Craig, Ontario, Canada, Nom1A0 or give them a call at (519) 293-3703