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  • Wolf Help are a specialist, non-membership, educational/conservation team. We lecture nationally for natural history groups, dog clubs, schools, colleges, universities and zoos. In October 1997, we were the special guests of Wolf Haven International in Washington State, USA, where we gave two separate presentations. We are unique in that we will travel anywhere in the U.K. to talk to interested groups of people who want to learn about the wolf.

    As you will see, our lectures cover every aspect of wolves and wolf society. We have over 1500 stunning photographic slides and our lectures are fully supported by many of North America's foremost wolf biologists. We are able to show rare video footage to enhance many of our lectures and we have an excellent educational display, which we bring along to our presentations.

    We would welcome the opportunity to lecture to any groups of people who are interested in wolves and wolf society, and can certainly promise an informative and thought-provoking presentation.

    Ian Redman, Niel & Carole Stevenson
    Co-founders Wolf Help

    P R O F I L E WOLF TALKS/LECTURES by IAN REDMAN WOLF HELP Helping Education for Lobo Preservation Secret World ~ Discovering the truth about the wolf A detailed look into the world of wolves and wolf society in general, including sub-species, mating, raising of pups, alphas to omegas, pack mentality and behaviour, hunting technique, territories, communication, wolf populations around the world, wolves and man, legends and wolf conservation. Including the Eastern Timber Wolf Recovery Programme, the wolves of Isle Royale, Red Wolf/Mexican Wolf captive breeding programmes, radio collaring and tracking, wolf re-introduction across the U.S.A. and wolves in Europe.