This page's goal is to inform you about the activities of wolf organization around the world and maybe in your back yard.

Below you will find a list of Wolf Organizations. For each organization there is a link to page that containing information about the organizations history, recent achievements, contact information, and much more.

New Organizational information will be added as
soon as it is received from the respective organization.

Wolf organizations listed alphabetically by Country

Wolf Awareness Inc.

Wolf Society of Great Britain

Grupo Lobo

The Wolf Group

Wolf Help

Wolf Hollow

New Hampshire Wolf Alliance

Wolf Haven International

Timber Wolf Preservation Society, Inc.

If you would like your wolf related organization to be featured on this page, please send promotional information about your organization as well as any information on the wolf population and conservation effect in your area to: Timber Wolf Information Network, C/O Jason Warzinik, 1405 W Trobridge Road, Columbia, MO 65202.