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  • The Wolf Society Of Great Britain was formed in 1986 by a group of people dedicated to the interests of the wold's wolves, both captive and wold. One of the primary aims of the Society is to increase public awareness of the true nature of wolves and their place in the natural world. The Society is actively involves in wolf conservation both at home and abroad with well established conservation groups who regularly forward queries regarding wolves.

    The Wolf Society Of Great Britain is run entirely by volunteers on a very tight budget, so every project has to be separately funding, either by donations, sale of merchandise, or by a variety of fundraising efforts by our members.

    The Wolf Society of Great Britain has been very quiet over the last couple of years, having raised funds and support for many wolf conservation efforts in Europe and further afield since it's inception back m 1986 The Society has always relied on volunteers for all aspects of the running of the organization, and supporters with time to spare have been in short supply, hence the enforced period of inactivity. .. Tlus is, however, about to change.

    The administration has changed hands and the Society will now be based in Reading, We hope that all Queries, new memberships and renewals, and other administration well now be dealt with quickly and efficiently. An e-mail address and Internet website should be set up in the near future, to further improve availability of information on the Wolf Society of Great Britain and it's activities.

    Along with this fresh start, we are looking for new wolf conservation projects, mainly in Europe, to Support, and have already made contact with a group in Poland who are working very hard with farmers and locals in the Krosno, Suwalki and Przemysl provinces, of Poland where wild populations of wolves still persist. Hunting wolves is still legal in these provinces although not elsewhere in Poland. The group needs support to keep up its efforts to establish exact numbers of predators in these areas, and to educate people that the wolf is an important part of their environment and that wolf and man can, in the late twentieth century, live side by side. As membership and funds permit, the Society hopes to support more and more grass roots conservation efforts. The Society will continue to publish a newsletter, WOLVES, which is available free to members.

    The Wolf Society of Great Britain remains committed to supporting the conservation of the wolf in its wild habitats, through education and raising awareness, and most importantly funding those people who are out in the field on the front line of the fight for the wolf.

    Contact Information

    To learn more about the Wolf Society of Great Britain and how you can become involved you can write to The Wolf Society of Great Britain at 49 Foxhill Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5QS