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Is California’s only wild wolf, OR7, on its way back to Oregon?

Is the famous gray wolf named OR7, which has been in California since Dec. 28, on its way back to Oregon?

Monday’s update from the California Department of Fish and Game states that OR7, which is the first known wild wolf in the state in nearly 90 years, is in northeast Siskiyou County, which borders Oregon.

(OR7 entered California via Siskiyou County.)

“OR7 has traveled a great distance over the weekend,” the DFG report states. “He traveled from the south end of Shasta County all the way to the northern boundary with Siskiyou. He then traveled approximately 42 more miles north/northwest and is now in northeast Siskiyou County.”

OR7, who is 2 1/2 years old and presumably looking for a mate, gained fame months ago as he trekked in a southerly direction the length of Oregon, and especially when he crossed into California.

The wolf is wearing a GPS unit on its collar, and while its position can be tracked,  there is only one known image of the animal, captured last Nov. 1 via trail cam in southern Oregon (see image above).

OR7 is from the Imnaha wolf pack in northeastern Oregon. His brother was shot and killed on Feb. 2 in Idaho by a hunter with an invalid tag.

Some states allow the hunting of wolves as a means of wildlife management.

In California wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act.