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By: Amanda

Question: Hi, I live in northern Minnesota and we need help asap please. quite a few packs of timberwolves have moved into the area, they are attacking our animals, mind you this is a town. they have eaten over 4 dogs in a week and many more that have all of a sudden gone missing. The town is scared, the dnr won't do anything about this. We want to know what should we do? Any help? We all have small children we are worried about. They have been seen at night and during the day, and even in yards. Alot of us are terrified, I mean apparently they are here because they are hungry, so wont they attack us or our small children if they are hungry? Is there any scent that we can make at home too scare them off and keep them away? please email me asap.. I appreciate your help.

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By: Ryan Hunt

Question: why should we help to save this speceis?

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By: Natalie

Question: What, in your opinion, is the main reason for peoples' fear of wolves? Why do people continue to reguard the wolf as a scary creature even though studies have proved otherwise?

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By: Ami

Question: I have 2 dogs which I usually walk in wooded and treed areas. There have been reported sitings of wolves in my area (Northern Ontario) and a attempted attack on a man walking his dogs. Do wolves normally attack dogs out walking? Is there something specific I should be doing or using when I walk my dogs? I fear that should I encounter any wolves they will kill both of my dogs and possibly myself. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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By: Officer Rusty Everhart

Question: I'm an animal control officer in North Carolina. We have a now thriving population of ETW's. Several residents even harbor the hybrids as pets where owning a 100% strain is illegal. My question is what are the true determining characteristics of an ETW and the husky breed of dogs? I was informed by a local state wildlife gaming commission officer that pure wolves will suck water where dogs lap water. Please give me all distinguishing factors.

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By: Bob Hall

Question: Are there any known cases in which a wolf pack or an individual wolf has attacked a human in the wild?

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By: Ned Al Basha

Question: I have a hybrids WOLF he should be 95% Wolf, his Dad is 100% but his Mom is 90% Wolf....My Q. Are rabies shots effective on Wolf hybrids? and what about heart worm shots are they necessary for hybrids.

P.S. I love my Wolfy, Please answer me.

Thank you.

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