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By: dirty red

Question: what is a dire wolf. can u tell me in detail

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By: Steve

Question: Is it true that dogs were reclassified in the `90's as a subspecies of wolf, canus lupus familiaris ? Thanks

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By: Trent Seltzer

Question: I'm trying to find information on Bill Caywood, a government wolf hunter from around the turn of the century.

Also, any information on the "Gevaudan" wolves from France.

Any information or suggestions on where to find more information is appreciated.


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By: Keltia

Question: I would like to know what the earliest recorded date of birth is for the Timber Wolf and specifically if possible around the area of Ontario. and What is the likelihood that a litter ends up on the ground by March 2 rather than the norm (being the end of March on the early and more often April) in Ontario?

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