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MI UP: Where are the wolves?

by Nikki Davidson

MARQUETTE — There are just under 700 recorded wolves in the Upper Peninsula according to the Department of Natural Resources, but where are they all located?

The DNR says it depends on what time of year it is, but overall there’s a higher density in Gogebic and Iron counties.

A larger number can be found in that region in the winter, but the population will spread across the U.P. in the summer.

That directly relates to the deer numbers in the area, where there are fewer deer up north, there are fewer wolves.

However, in recent years the DNR has noticed some changes.

“2011 winter documented wolves in Keweenaw County for the first time, so now we have wolves there,” said DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell. “We knew they were there during the summer, but we were never able to document during the winter.”

“It’s fair to say they appear to be everywhere in this region. I have seen them while deer hunting,” said Facebook user Patrick McNamara.

The DNR says the best way to know if you’ve truly spotted a wolf is to examine its tracks, if you lay your hand next to it and the track isn’t bigger than the bulk of your hand, it probably isn’t a wolf.

They also add that contrary to popular belief, there has not been a recorded wolf bite or attack on a human being ever in the lower 48 states.