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MT: Floweree woman reports wolves on property

by Erin Schermele (Great Falls)

For one woman living near Floweree north of Great Falls, wildlife is becoming an increasing nuisance in her back yard.

Last year it was bears that wandered into Diane Walker’s neighborhood, and this year its wolves.

In the past couple of weeks Diane has spotted up to five wolves at a time, milling around her back yard area.

She says a deer killed last week was the result of a wolf attack.

As Walker and her family are starting to move their cattle back home, she is concerned for the safety of her domestic animals.

She noted, “This is on the Missouri River Breaks and it’s just apparently an area that’s natural for wildlife to move through, and I suppose because wolves eat wildlife…that would be it. There is a lot of deer around here and antelope.”

Walker says she doesn’t know what the solution is, but she hopes the wolves will move out of her area.

She has been inundated with phone calls regarding wolf hunting on her land, but she is not sure that is the best option.