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NO: 28 wolves can be shot in Norway

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Rovviltsnämnden(wild predators committee) in Hedmark, Østfold, Oslo and Akershus in Norway want to authorize 28 wolves to be shot in the winter.

The Board is open to twelve wolves can be downed outside the wolf zone in Hedmark and Akershus and has also agreed to the full Osdal’s pack and the whole Julussa pack with a total of 16 animals can be shot, according to NRK.

It is the government, through the climate and environment department, which takes the final decision on licensed hunting. The government will also take into account, among other international obligations, and the Stortinget’s population target to about four to six annual wolf litters.

Last year took the regional rovviltnämnderna(wild predators committees) a single license precipitation quota of 47 wolves, 24 of which would be downed inside the wolf zone. When the Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen cut down the quota to 15 wolves – all outside the wolf zone – disagreements arose.