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OR: Imnaha wolves disperse to Harney, Crook counties

Cassandra Profita

Two different wolves from Northeast Oregon’s Imnaha pack have been spotted a long way from home in recent months. One was confirmed in Harney County, and another one with a radio collar has been tracked all the way into Central Oregon’s Crook County.

A story in the Bend Bulletin this weekend reported on the first wolf to be spotted in Central Oregon in 70 years. U.S. Fish and Wildlife wolf coordinator John Stephenson picked up the signal from Imnaha wolf OR-3 in late September while flying over the Ochoco Mountains in northern Crook County. But the signal hasn’t been picked up again since then.

It’s the first confirmation of a wolf in Central Oregon since wolves returned to Oregon, though there have been numerous unconfirmed reports. The wolf’s father is the Imnaha pack alpha male, one of two Imnaha wildlife officials are planning to kill to reduce livestock losses.