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OR: Meacham Pack wolf killed in Northeast Oregon

ODFW’s lethal control order authorized its own staff, the producer or an employee to kill two wolves from the pack that attacked the same herd four times in August.

Eric Mortenson
Capital Press

ODFW said a wolf from the Meacham Pack was legally shot to death Sept. 7 in Umatilla County, the fifth wolf killed in Oregon since August.

The wildlife agency authorized killing two adult wolves after depredation investigations confirmed the pack attacked cattle four times in August. All of the attacks involved the same herd grazing on a 4,000 acre private, forested pasture in the Sheep Creek area.

The lethal control permit allowed either ODFW staff or the producer or an employee to kill two adult wolves. Department spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy said an adult, non-breeding female was shot by the livestock owner or an employee.

In August, ODFW killed four wolves from the Harl Butte Pack in Wallowa County, which had attacked livestock eight times in the past year.

In issuing the Meacham Pack kill permit, ODFW said the producer had taken proper action to deter attacks. The producer removed livestock carcasses the same day they were discovered, removed cattle that were weak and might be targeted by wolves, monitored and removed animals that were weak or could be a target of wolves and employed a range rider five days a week to monitor wolves and maintain a human presence on the range. The producer also delayed pasture turnout for 30 days so the calves grazing there would be bigger and perhaps better able to fend off wolves.