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SE: 22 wolves may be shot this winter

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Martin Stockton Johansson

Five county councils in Svealand and southern Norrland have decided on license hunting for a total of 22 wolves in winter, starting 2 January. There are two wolves in Örebro and Gävleborg County. In Dalarna, Värmland and Västmanland counties have been licensed for six wolves.

Facts: The wolf in Sweden

The wolf was originally found throughout Sweden, except for Gotland. It was common until the 1850s, but then declined rapidly due to hard persecution.

The decline continued until 1966 when the species was consecrated. The lightning came almost late, when only a handful of wolves were left, and the species was extremely close to extinction until the early 1980s when a wolf began to propagate in Värmland.

In the early 1990s, the number of couples increased and since then the strain has increased from a dozen individuals to the top 415 wolves winter 2014-2015. Then the number has decreased slightly.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s annual inventory showed that there were 355 wolves in winter 2017.

The minimum level for the Swedish tribe has been set at 300 animals.

Source: Wildlife Damage Center