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SE: A wolf attacks several sheep in Nössemark

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Anders Karlsson in Nössemark lost four sheep the night to Wednesday. Two were found dead and two were missing. And there were clear traces of wolves.

” It was very heavy bite over the neck and neck. In addition, I found wolf tracks in the garden. So there was no doubt,” says Bertil Andersson, the inspector for predatory damage on the County Administrative Board in Västra Götaland.

It was the Dalslänningen who first reported about Anders Karlsson’s loss. He had five sheep and now he has only one. Two years ago, the same thing happened. Then he also got four sheep. Now he quits with the sheep.

“I was going to bet on sheep and have twenty sheep. But now I have only one left, so now I’ll finish it, “says Anders Karlsson.

It has been a while since  some animals were demolished in Dalsland. Last autumn there was a wolf attack in Kynnefjäll. And there was wolf in the area in the winter.

” When we tracked the snow. Then there was a pair of wolves in the old Dals-Ed / Haldenreviret, which moved between Norway and Sweden,” says Bertil Andersson.

He does not know if it’s just a pair of wolves or a lonely wolf who has attacked these sheep. However, pet owners are urged to take a closer look.

“This can be done by having a close and good supervision of the animals, and also looking over their fencing,” says Bertil Andersson.

But if you look at an extended period of time, the decline in goods has decreased. There were also more wolf territories in Västra Götaland six to eight years ago.

“Those areas were with puppy litters. Now we do not have it. The latest survey points out that we only had a territory-marking couple throughout the county. And it was in the old Dals-Ed / Halden area. But no packs with pups, says Bertil Andersson.