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SE: Administrative law court says yes to wolf hunt

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

The administrative law court in Luleå rejected all appeals concerning the wolf hunt in Värmland and four other counties.

The administrative court ruling today means that the decisions of the county administrative boards consist and that license jams of a total of 22 wolves are allowed in certain specific areas during the period 2 January 2018 through 15 February 2018.

The county councils in Dalarna, Gävleborg, Västmanland, Värmland (six wolves) and Örebro County have decided on license hunting for a total of 22 wolves.

The Administrative Law court believes that the purpose of the license hunt, including limiting negative socio-economic consequences and improving the possibilities for domestic breeding, is in itself acceptable and can justify an exception to the strict protection of wolves.

The Administrative law court has also found that the hunt is appropriate and does not hamper the maintenance of a favorable conservation status and judges the hunt to be proportionate.

The administrative law court summarizes the judgment that the conditions required for license hunting under the Hunting Regulation and the Nature and Habitats Directive are met.