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SE: Clause stops wolf hunting

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Västmanland

The County Board now answers the criticism from lamb producer Walter Preiholt, whose farm suffered several wolf attacks. According to a decision by the County Board it is permitted to shoot a wolf attacking livestock in the middle of an attack. But because of a clause in the Hunting Regulations that option does not work in practice, says Preiholt.

As we previously reported, the County Administrative Board rejected the application for protective hunting of wolves in Skultuna area, the territory of the attacks.

Lamb Producer Walter Preiholt does not like the county administrative board’s decision rejecting his application for a controlled hunting to the wolves who have been a problem on the farm.

The county administration is known to have problems of legislation on serious hunting violations, but says it is up to prosecutors to decide whether the weapon is to be confiscated or not.

David Bruun, hunting and wildlife claims officer at the County Administration, was part of the decision.

“It’s unfortunate that it may be that the weapons are seized, and it may as well, I think that if you shoot under section 28 and report it to the Authority so it ought to be that the citizen is law-abiding,” says David Bruun.

Walter Preiholt also thinks the electric fence as recommended by the county board and game injury center is not enough. It is not sufficiently resistant to withstand predator attacks of the kind that happened on Rörbo farm outside Skultuna.

“In this case, there has been an attack in all cases and it may be a bit of an exception that proves the rule, it is called a predator repellent, not a predator safe fencing. But the assessment is that it makes sense to agree and comply with the injured game center site, said David Bruun.