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SE: County Administrative Board: Several events behind the decision to kill the wolf in Kolsva

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

The wolf that appeared to Kolsva is yet to be shot. It was a series of events that led to the culling, according to the county administrative predators Officer Daniel Mallwitz.

On Friday the Board made a decision about culling of a wolf in Kolsva.

The target wolf has taken both a dog and a cat.

In addition, it wandered through residential areas seemingly unafraid of humans.

It is important that it is the right wolf to be killed.

“We have allocated a hunting area is quite small really.

“It includes urban Kolsva and little space around where you have seen the wolf, in order to attempt to get the right wolf,” says the county administrative predators Officer Daniel Mallwitz to P4 Västmanland.