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SE: Criticism of the proposal on controlled hunting of wolves

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Varmland

The Hunters Association in Värmland is disappointed with the EPA’s proposed guidelines for controlled wolf hung. On Wednesday came EPA’s proposals for controlled hunting of wolves can be expanded.

According to Gunnar Glöersen, spokesperson for the Hunters Association, as it has been proposed there are major constraints on the controlled hunt which means it can not be expanded in Värmland.

“There was not much that the government had proposed. So we’re very disappointed,” says Gunnar Glöersen.

The government had given the Environmental Protection Agency the task to develop criteria for expanded protective hunting in areas with many wolves. This after the European Commission threatened to bring Sweden to the EU court if it allowed licensed hunting. But Gunnar Glöersen believes that EPA’s proposal is too restrictive. The controlled hunt as proposed, may be conducted if there is great danger that a wolf will cause serious damage to domestic animals.

“What has happened recently is that they have shot the wolf in southern Sweden, where it is known that there is damage, for there has been no predator fence. While here in Värmland where there are many predator fences, so you might not fear harm in the sense that the Environmental Protection Agency says. But instead is damage to wildlife, hunting and exercise in dogs, which we think would be grounds for controlled hunt, but the Environmental Protection Agency says no to most of these reasons,” says Gunnar Glöersen.

“What do you think of this proposal from the Hunters Association’s viewpoint?

“The ministers were very clear at the press conference in August that they intend to expand the controlled hunt to take account of the counties like Värmland which has many wolves. If the government would now go to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal, it shows that they do not keep what they promised.”