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SE: Decisions on wolf hunt are appealed

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer


The turns around the wolf licensed hunt in Sweden have taken new turns. Previously, the hunt in five counties has been appealed to the administrative court. The Court rejected the appeals. Yesterday, the Chamber of Commerce Court in Sundsvall also announced that they would not investigate the matter.

Now the Swedish Carnivorous Society turns to the Supreme Administrative Court to stop the hunt.

“As in our previous appeals, administrative law and chamber of law, we describe ten reasons why the decision of the county administrative boards on wolf hunts should be canceled,” said Torbjörn Nilsson, chairman of the Swedish Carnivorous Association in a press release.

Among the ten points of the association there is concern about the growth of the wolf population, and that protectiive(cull) hunting is preferable to license hunting.

The dispute is the decision that 22 wolves may be shot in designated areas in five counties during the period 2 January to 15 February 2018. In Värmland six wolves may be shot, in Dalarna six, in Västmanland six, in Gävleborg two and in Örebro county two.