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SE: Meeting in Brussels on the hunting of wolves

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Västmanland

The Swedish Hunters Association is currently in Brussels to lobby for a change in the Swedish wolf policy. Torbjorn Larsson, Chairman of the hunters association in Västmanland was pleased after meeting with EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik, who is responsible for predator questions.

“It was a very good meeting we had with Potocnik. Firstly, we expressed the views we hold about Swedish wolf population. There, he received them very well I think,” says Torbjörn Larsson.

The Hunters Association would like to reinstate the licensed hunting and believes that the wolf population in Sweden should be reduced.

What did you get for a hearing on your request for a small wolf population in Sweden?

“He has no problem with the number of wolves, but what the EU Commission is embarking on is that there should be a status favorable for conservation. It is also about inbreeding which should not be too great in Sweden.”

“If you solve it and have a management plan, that is, talking about how to manage wolves just like any other game, then the Commission has no problem,” says Torbjörn Larsson.

Liselotte Karlsson