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SE: New study; scientists will investigate the hunter and wolf conflict

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Wolves can bring hot feelings, not least in hunters. And the conflict between hunters and wolves will now be investigated in a large cooperative project between Norway and Sweden.

Researchers will study how the return of the Scandinavian wolf affects the moose and the hunting of moose in the border area between Norway and Sweden.

“It’s hardly possible to prevent anyone from having a conflict between hunters and wolves, that the hunters feel that the wolf takes a little too much space and limits the possibilities for hunting in different ways,” says scientist Håkan Sand at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and one of the researchers in the project .

In connection with the project, a network will be built between research and management on both sides of the border.

“Creating a network will lead to better management, which in turn will dampen the conflicts.

The project is called “boundary game”. It is the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the Norwegian University of the Interior (INN), which has received more than SEK 20 million from, inter alia, the EU, with the aim of reducing border barriers for Scandinavian game management.

The plan is that Border Game will last for three years from now on.

“Now we start the project where we will launch transmitters on wolves, wolverine and moose, so I can imagine that there will be results from 2019,” says Håkan Sand.

Niklas Zachrisson