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SE: No licensed hunt for wolf in 2020

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

There will be no licensed hunt for wolf next year. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency puts a stop to it and points out that the Swedish wolf population has become too small, reports Sweden’s Radio Dalarna.

To get a long-lasting and viable wolf population in Sweden, at least 300 wolves are needed. And that’s about what exists today.

“The minimum is reached for how many wolves we should have, then there is no room for what is called the licensed hunt to regulate the population, ” says Marcus Öhman, head of the wildlife management unit at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, to Swedish Radio.

The possibility of protective hunting to prevent serious damage to, among other things, reindeer and paddocks remains. It is the county administrative board which, in the event of a case, decides on protective hunting.

The license hunt for wolves was also postponed last year after the wolf population declined three years in a row.