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SE: No to the protective hunting in Skultuna-the territory

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Västmanland

The County Administrative Board of Västmanland is rejecting applications for protective hunting of wolves in Skultuna-territory. Those who applied for a protective hunting, two sheep owners, one of them applied together with the three organizations; the Västmanland County Sheep farming Association, the Hunting Association in Västmanland and LRF Mälardalen Region.

They believe that society must ensure that meat producers are given the opportunity to continue with their production in decent conditions in areas where there are wolves.

But the county board rejects the application.

Pierre Ahlgren, director of carnivore inventory at the County Board, explains why.

“It has to do with that and they wanted to shoot all over the territory, both pups and adults, and it is very difficult in the current situation. There are about 9-10 wolves. And then is it that one would go in and just shoot away puppies you do not kill the adults. And if you would just take the parents it would be hard to cope with the puppies,” said Pierre Ahlgren.

Is there a risk that there will be more attacks on sheep?

“Yes, it is clear that there is a risk but one has become aware to check their fence and so does every farmer who lives out there now.”

What advice can you give to anxious sheep owner?

“It’s above all that one checks over his fence and that the power is on and the current strength is good. And if you do not have a fence you should apply for one,” says Pierre Ahlgren.