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SE: Possible wolf hybrid shot during protective hunt

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

The first possible wolf hyrid has now been taken in the protective hunt in the Katrineholm area determined by the County Administrative Board in Södermanland.

Johan Varenius, Head of Operation at the County Administrative Board, told P4 Sörmland that an animal was fired in the area where the protective hunting is in progress, but he does not want to say exactly where.

It is a normal colored male (gray), which is now being analyzed by Sweden’s veterinary facility in Uppsala.

It is made to determine if there is a wolf or a mixture of wolf and dog.

The County Administrative Board has previously decided on the protective hunt on six wolf dogs and wolves to protect the Swedish wolf strain within parts of Eskilstuna and Katrineholm. The area was expanded according to a later decision to apply also parts of Vingåker because wolves were observed in Österåker and north of Vingåker.