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SE: The administrative chamber of law does not stop the wolf hunt

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

The Chamber of Appeal in Sundsvall rejects all appeals on license hunting on wolves in Värmland.

It was September 28 that the County Administrative Board of Värmland decided that six wolves should be shot in Värmland from 2 January through 15 February 2018.

The decision included a single large territory – Vimyren – in northern Värmland. In principle, there is a triangular territory between Torsby, Ekshärad and Stöllet.

The decision was appealed to the Administrative Court in Luleå, which on 27 November rejected all appeals concerning the wolf in Värmland and four other counties.

The Administrative Law Court concluded that the purpose of the licensed hunt, including limiting adverse socio-economic consequences and improving the possibilities for domestic breeding, is in itself acceptable and justifies an exception to the strict protection of wolves.

The Administrative law court also found that the hunt is appropriate and does not hamper the maintenance of a favorable conservation status and judges the hunt to be proportionate.

The Administrative Court summarized its judgment with the assessment that:
“the conditions required for licensed hunting under the Hunting Regulation and the Nature and Habitats Directive are met.”

The verdict of the Administrative Court concerning Värmland County was appealed to the Chamber of Commerce of the Swedish Predatory Animal Association and the Hunters National Association.

Today, the court came to Sundsvall with his decision. The right has reviewed all the material contained in the case and found that a permit for review is not to be granted and therefore the target is not tested.

“In order for the Criminal Court to consider such a question, there must be grounds for change or that it is important for the lawsuit that we investigate the matter. We have come to the conclusion that there are no such issues in the case that it will be tried, “says Chamberlain President Ylva Johansson to P4 Värmland.

The decision today includes all appeals in all five counties in the country where the hunt is allowed from next week.

The decision of the Chamber of Appeals may be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court, which in turn must grant a probationary permit. Given how administrative and chamber law motivated their decisions, it is unlikely that this will happen.

The licensed hunt in 2018 is aimed at territories in the areas of Värmland, Dalarna, Gävleborg, Västmanland and Örebro County where the density of wolf territories is highest, and to areas with higher damage.

Today’s message means that the hunt will start next week. A total of 22 individuals can be deployed as follows:

Värmland – six individuals
Örebro – two individuals
Dalarna – six individuals
Gävleborg – two individuals
Västmanland – six individuals