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SE: The Carnivore Association appeals the licensed hunting of wolves

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

This winter’s licensed hunt for wolves is being appealed by the Swedish carnivore association. Previously, the Hunters National Association has also appealed against the decision of the Administrative Court.

Recently, the Administrative Court in Luleå determined that 22 wolves, of which six in Värmland County, will be hunted during the license hunt starting 2 January. In Värmland, the hunt will be conducted in a single large area, Vimyren, in the northern part of the county.

But the Swedish carnivore association is critical, meaning, among other things, that the true number of wolves in the country is not as many as you have counted when giving the green light for the licensed hunt.

“An important issue is how many wolves there are, compared with the 300 wolf reference value that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency says is a lower limit for licensing. The official estimate that we have 355 wolves is misleading, as this figure contains many wolves that are already dead, ” says the association’s Värmland chairman Torbjörn Nilsson in a press release.

In its appeal to the Administrative Court, the association also wants to stop hunting with unleashed dogs.

The Hunters National Association has also appealed to the decision of administrative law, they want 63 wolves to be shot in Värmland. Contrary to the predator association, the Hunters National Association considers that there are more wolves than the inventories have shown.