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SE: Three wolves caught and collared in Swedish-Norwegian research project

The first wolf that was collared in the research project Grensevilt was a 46 kilo heavy male in Dalarna, tracked and shot with stunning drugs.

The new research project Grensevilt will study the interaction between wolves, wolverines and moose in Norwegian Hedmark and in Värmland and Dalarna.

The project also aims at studying the conflicts between hunters and wolves and improving management between Norway and Sweden.

The plan is to label 30-35 moose, 10-12 wolves and ten wolverines.

So far, 10 moose and one wolverine have been collared – and now the first three wolves are collared.

Next winter, some preliminary results are expected .

Grensevilt is a cooperation project between Swedish researchers at SLU and Norwegian researchers at Høgskolen i Innlandet.

In total, the project extends over three years.