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SE: Winter wolves difficult to count

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Varmland

The first preliminary wolf census in the country is ready, and it suggests that growth has stagnated or even declined. But the figures are as yet uncertain, as it has been difficult to track the wolf because of lack of some snow.

“For the first time we mention no wolf numbers because it was bad tracking snow,” Olof Liberg wolf researcher at Grimsö Wildlife Research said to P4 Varmland.

The biggest problem of ensuring the number of wolves and their regeneration has been the lack of good tracking snow in the winter. Therefore the numbers are far from certain in this first preliminary report on winter wolf survey from Grimsö Wildlife Research. But from October to April, it found 22 dead wolves, half of them were killed during cull, four were shot with reference to paragraph 22, five were killed in traffic and two wolves were killed illegally, and it is estimated there are currently between 230 and 300 live wolves in Sweden, but the inventory is so uncertain that Grimsö not want to lay down a number.