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SE: Wolf hunt canceled in Dalarna

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

The last of six assigned wolves in Dalarna County is now shot. Thus, the license hunt for wolves is canceled in Dalarna, during the third day of the hunt.


The county council in Dalarna announced at lunchtime Thursday that the last wolf was shot in the Flaten area.

During the day, the hunt was also canceled in Gävleborg County, after the hunting quota of two assigned wolves was filled.

During today’s first hunt eight wolves were shot, two of whom were affected by scabies.

The licensed hunts will last until February 15th.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s inventory last winter showed that there are about 355 wolves in Sweden. The Scandinavian wolf strain is derived from five migratory wolves from the Finnish population. Because the breeding base is so small, it means that the wolf strain is sensitive to inbreeding.