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SE: Wolf prowling around among children to be shot

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

After a non-timid wolf went by children and killed pets in Kolsva in Norrköping the provincial government has decided to cull it.

Anna Lena Wallström TT

“The hunt is done to prevent serious harm and to reduce anxiety and trouble for those who live in the area,” the provincial government in Västmanland.

The wolf has killed a dog and a cat, and it does not avoid people.

“It has been seen among the houses three times in a relatively short time. It has passed a little kid in a sandbox and have also met a boy on a bike path. It is not a desirable behavior,” says wildlife officer Daniel Mallwitz the provincial government.

Using its droppings the wolf is identified as a female from the Kölsta territory of the municipality. Of the county administrative board’s decision states that at the meeting with the boy put down the dead cat that had been in his mouth, growled at the boy, lifted the cat up again and walked on. As late as the day passed through the female wolf a grown man in the street a short distance. Not surprisingly, many concerned approached the provincial government.

“It may be that the wolf, who is quite young, after it took a dog and at least one cat come to realize it is possible to find food among the houses in a rather simple way,” says Daniel Mallwitz.

The decision to cull was taken on Friday, and the provincial government is now awaiting information as to where the wolf is.