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WA: Rancher Nash loses third cow confirmed killed by wolves

By Brian Addison
Wallowa County Chieftain

JOSEPH – Rancher Todd Nash found a dead calf on Oct. 8, and suspected wolf attack as the cause of death, a suspicion that was later confirmed by Oregon Dept. of Wildlife biologists. The 550-pound calf was about eight months old and the carcass was found on private land in the Threebuck Creek Drainage located in the Divide area east of Joseph.

“The calf carcass was estimated to have been 48 hours old. A wolf track was found the area near the carcass,” stated to the ODFW investigation report.

Investigators found evidence of a struggle and deep wounds caused by large canine bites inflicted while the calf was alive.

ODFW has confirmed that three of Nash’s cows have been preyed upon by wolves this year. Nash suspects a higher loss in his herd caused by wolves, but said he wouldn’t have a total loss count until he brings in his cows in January.