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WI: More hunting dogs are being killed by wolves in Wis.

By Daniel Keith, Multimedia Journalist

CENTRAL WISCONSIN (WAOW) – More hunting dogs are being killed by wolves than ever before in Wisconsin, causing one local lawmaker to continue to urge Congress to remove wolves from the federally protected list.

In the last week, two hunting dogs were killed by wolves, one in Ashland County and the other in Langlade County.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that there have been 29 confirmed incidents where a hunting dog was killed by a gray wolf just this year.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural resources said the dogs killed are usually used for bear hunting.

Officials are now asking hunters to be weary of possible wolf attacks. The DNR lists caution areas on their website to alert the public to where dogs may be in danger.

Sen. Tom Tiffany (R- 12th Senate District) said that it’s part of a growing problem across the entire state, and it’s time to start taking control of the problem.

“We need to have a wolf hunting season. The sooner that happens, the better for everyone, including wolves,” he said. “Some hunters, they say ‘we may need to take matters into our own hand.’ That’s not what you want to happen with a wildlife population.”

Opponents of the hunt say wolves should be protected.

Right now, a federal ruling prohibits wolf hunting, as the gray wolf was relisted as federally protected in December 2014.

For hunters, the DNR lists ways you can protect your dogs while out on a hunt this fall.