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CA: Unconfirmed wolf attack in Black Creek has many people asking questions

By Josh Winquist

Unconfirmed reports of a wolf pack terrorizing Black Creek, still have people talking. This comes after a dog in that area was viciously attacked by some form of wild animal.

Conservation officers can not confirm it was a wolf or a wolf pack. There have been no sightings of wolves in the Black Creek area. However, Conservation Officer Gord Gudbranson said, the photos he saw earlier in the week, taken of the wounded animal, suggested an attack from a canine had occurred.

“We can’t say 100% it was wolves, it could be a canine. We can rule out the dog was attacked by a cougar.”

Gudbranson explained there have been no reports of wolves spotted in the Black Creek area, but pet owners should still keep a close eye on their pets.

“We ask people if they’re out walking their dogs to have them under-leash,”

This is for two important reasons, explained Gudbranson.

Reason one, “this will stop your dogs from causing predators to follow them.”

Reason two, “it will stop your dog from harassing wildlife; which is an offense under the wildlife act.”