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Wolf Research

TWIN is proud and excited to be partnering in wolf howl research – “Acoustic Signatures as Aids in Identifying and Monitoring Longevity in Wild Roaming Gray Wolves”

Wolf Howl Research

Genetic research adds new insights to the Eastern wolf/ Eastern coyote discussion –

RAD Sequencing Yields New Insights

Some interesting canid research, investigating the origin of dogs and their link to wolves –

Ancient hybridization key to domestic dog’s origin, wolf conservation efforts

How do wolves respond to hunting pressure?

Heavily hunted wolves have higher stress and reproductive steroids than wolves with lower hunting pressure

Research shows significant genetic differentiation between mainland British Columbia wolves and those living on nearby islands –

Can genetic differentiation be a result of diet and behavior?

New research reveals that Western gray wolves can impregnate Western coyotes, further confounding the speculation that the Eastern wolf is a separate species…. stay tuned! –

Production of Hybrids between Western Gray Wolves and Western Coyotes

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