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CO: CPW updates wolf activity in Colorado

By Sentinel Staff

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are still seeing signs of a wolf pack in the Moffat County area that entered the state last year, the first pack to form in Colorado since the 1930s.

Wildlife staff are still monitoring the pack of as many as six wolves, according to a release from Parks and Wildlife.

Though the pack has been “relatively quiet of late,” wildlife officials report that wildlife managers documented a lone wolf feeding on an elk carcass in the area. Because only one wolf was seen, Parks and Wildlife said it could be a member of the known pack or a new disperser into the Moffat County area.

State biologists and veterinarians also reported that several members of the pack in northwest Colorado are positive for eggs of the tapeworm Echinococcus canadensis. The parasite can lead to hydatid disease in wild and domestic ungulates.The disease has not been widely seen in Colorado, but testing has been limited.

Other wolf sighting updates:

Wolf “1084M” North Park: A lone wolf that was first confirmed in North Park one year ago continues to persist in that area. The male wolf, designated by Wyoming Game and Fish as 1084-M, was collared in the Wyoming Snake River pack and dispersed into Colorado where he was first photographed in July, 2019.

Laramie River Valley: Wildlife managers are attempting to confirm a credible wolf sighting in Larimer County. An animal was wearing a wildlife tracking collar, which indicates it is likely a dispersal wolf from monitored packs in Montana or Wyoming. If a wolf or wolves are confirmed in Larimer County, they would be the farthest east in Colorado in nearly a century.

New report in Grand County: Two groups of campers in Grand County over the weekend of June 6-7 reported a large wolf-like animal in the area in close proximity to their camps. Wildlife officials are working to confirm the reports.

Anyone who sees or hears wolves is encouraged to report the sightings to state wildlife managers. An online form is available at