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  1. I am just sickened about the delisting and planned hunting swain for these beautiful creatures. We are a terrible people to do this. Why can’t nature just be left alone to be itself. I dread October for these poor babies with all of these gun happy.idiots out there. And trapping? People don’t do that to deer.Horrifying awful way to die. The packs were gone and now they are surviving so now revert and kill them off again. What a bunch of idiots we have in charge. Another wonderful Walker move. He and all the others need to be replaced with compassionate people who have respect for natural selection and God’s creatures! I am worried about my dogs on my land that look like wolves. Guess I need to find some blaze orange or fluorescent safety wear for my babies! What if these bait using hunters use poisoned bait and some rabbit or squirrel eats it and wanders onto my land and dies and then my huskies with strong prey drive from their wolf ancestors eats the animal and dies. This is scary and awful.

    • The Natural Resources Board still has an opportunity to change some of the rules – remember, this year’s hunting season is under an emergency rule, and a permanent rule will be under discussion in December 2012. You can find the contact information for the NRB on the Wisconsin DNR website. Make your voice heard.


  2. I’m very curious as to the disposition of these magnificent creatures. Having any government entity getting involved with their fate scares the heck out of me.

  3. I have a cabin way out in the woods near Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota. A family of wolves moved into our area about 3 years ago. I am getting pictures of singles and pairs regularly on my game cameras now, and realize that past videos of what we thought were coyotes were probably of wolves. One set of videos were of two wolves chasing two deer at night. Another of a wolf swimming across the Snake River while we were watching beavers. Another of a wolf on top of the beaver lodge apparently trying to get in. Our learning curve is very steep right now with nearly all contact through the game cameras. We are quite uncertain what living with wolves as neighbors means. But they are fascinating to study. Hope they don’t eat too many of our deer, which we hunt, and we have found wolf kills in the spring.

  4. looks like all your hard work is going down the drain dick, im totally disgusted with the polititons view on our wolves. its been a while since we’ve spoke, would enjoy speaking with you again sometime. this site is only way i know to contact you so get back to me. g r twesme, and say hi to deb for me too.

    • Thanks for visiting our website, Gregg – I’ll pass your comments on to Dick Thiel and make sure he gets in touch with you.

  5. After reading about the wolf kill contest and those involved with the organizing of this event along with past and/or present affiliation with the B.C. Wildlife Federation; I have decided never to hunt in their locale again nor holiday there and to cancel my membership with the B.C. Wildlife Federation. These organizers and condoners of this type of dispicable event are without a doubt the lowest form of life on this earth. I am an avid hunter and conservationist and would NEVER lower myself to participate in such an event nor would I give anyone who does; the time of day or anything else.

  6. Hi I read a shocking report saying the wolves in North America are putting herds at risk, hope that is false because wolves are important as they keep the herds of game healthy .I run a group on Facebook about endangered species, and was wondering if that’s true or are wolves at risk again by going extinct, I came across your web site looking for answers. As my group and I just want to educate people so there’s no chance of mis leading facts.

    • Jason, there are no game herds that are at risk due to wolves. In fact, ungulates in many wolf-occupied regions exist in excess of management goals. Wolves can suppress ungulate populations under some conditions, but on most lancscapes weather, forest succession, and human hunting have much stronger effects than predation.

      Wolves are in no danger of being extirpated, in fact Rocky Mountain wolves are expanding into Oregon and Washington, and wolves in the Great Lakes are firmly established in most of the region’s suitable habitat – and there’s evidence that they will soon be re-colonizing lower Michigan.

  7. I am sick in my heart and head when I see these pictures of these men holding the dead wolves. If this is true that the wolf is not the actual size as portrayed, then what does this really say about these people? Shame.

  8. I have been collecting information on the timber wolf for several years as it is my favorite in all God’s creation. I found your site recently among my files. I will be joining as a member this year. So excited. Live in AZ and only see coyote but would love to travel to see them in the wild. Keep up the good work.

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