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Movie’s critics howling


Hollywood is acting like the Big Bad Wolf by portraying the animals as violent man-eating killers in the controversial action thriller “The Grey,” wildlife experts are complaining.

Liam Neeson’s big-budget gore-fest, which shows a wolf pack picking off plane-crash survivors on the Alaskan tundra, couldn’t be further from the truth, said Maggie Howell, managing director of the Wolf Conservation Center in Westchester County.

“Wolves don’t hunt humans — they actually shy away from them,” said Howell, a biologist.

She added, “It’s not anything new for wolves to be portrayed as the bad guy in fairy tales, and we don’t take it seriously because it’s fantasy, but this movie is supposed to be real.’’

There have been only two fatal wolf attacks on humans documented in North America in more than a century, experts say.

The films’ publicist, Liz Biber, said, “ ‘The Grey’ is a work of entertainment.’’

She added, “We have been pleased to work with The Sierra Club and others to spread the word about how the public can support the protection of the gray wolf.”

The film is set to be released Friday.