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MT: Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary takes in two wolves

Audrey Mayer

RED LODGE, Mont. — Two wolves have been brought from California to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Red Lodge.

The sanctuary says the brother and sister, Jenny and Dakota, are a genetic mix but mostly gray wolf.  The purpose of the sanctuary is to take care of injured wildlife or wild animals that have habituated to humans.  Because both wolves were born in captivity, their only chance at survival is living at the sanctuary.  Executive Director Gary Robson says the pair has to spend 30 days in quarantine before acclimating with the rest of the animals.

“The idea of a quarantine area is to keep them safe and to keep them separated from the rest of the animals,” says Robson, “so even though they’ll look friendly at this point, all animals here are essentially wild animals and don’t make good pets.  This is one of the reasons animals come here a lot because somebody says ‘oh look at this cute little baby raccoon, it would be a lovely pet and then it turns into a big raccoon, gets mean and doesn’t make a good pet.”