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NY: Wolf to be featured of Colton Winterfest

COLTON — Adirondack Wildlife Refuge personnel will be on stage at the Colton-Pierrepont Auditorium with one of their resident wolves as part of Colton Winterfest on Sunday, Jan. 31, at 2 p.m.

The Refuge, located in Wilmington, is a rehabilitation facility that helps injured and orphaned wildlife return to their natural habitat.

“Sometimes animals come to them who were born in captivity or have injuries that cannot be rehabilitated to the point of being released,” said event organizer Judy Fuhr. “These animals are cared for at the facility and used as ambassadors for education. The wolf is such an example.”

Those attending will learn the traits of the wolf, its true place in the natural world compared to how it is portrayed on TV and in movies.

The history of the wolf will be covered as well as how a symbiotic relationship developed between the wolf and early humans. The link between the wolf and today’s canine pets will be discussed.

In addition the type of work wildlife rehabilitators do, the complexity of animal care, our role as citizens in dealing with wildlife, and when an animal should be brought to a rehabilitator will be covered.

The program is free to K-12 students. A donation of $5 per adult is appreciated but not required. Monies raised will be used for Winter Quest expenses and for the area neighborhood food pantry.